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About us

How a student project turned into the largest amateur league in the Czech Republic

I played squash for many years. However at the university I faced a crisis – I lost all motivation and didn’t find any joy in playing against the same old opponents who you know exactly how they will play. And somewhere during this “crisis” an idea was born to create VAŠE LIGA. The idea that changed my life.

Tomáš Reinbergr VAŠE LIGA founder

How the time went with VAŠE LIGA


Starting it all

  • Summer: Idea. No website, no players… this doesn’t stop Tomáš from negotiating discounts at the first sports centres.
  • Fall: VŠE liga – a squash league at the VŠE (University of Economics in Prague), 200 players, both male nad female, sign up.

Adding new cities

  • VŠ LIGA – students of all universities can play.
  • Starting in Brno and Pilsen.

New sports

  • We add badminton and beach volleyball to our sports family.


  • We add another sport - tennis.
  • We connect new cities.

VAŠE LIGA for all

  • VAŠE LIGA – school’s over, so why not open the league for everyone.

Table tennis added as a new sport

  • 1600 players in the league each month.
  • Table tennis league launched.

Launching the new beautiful website – yes this one

  • We are preparing for an expansion abroad.

For the first time we suspend the league

  • Due to COVID, we were forced to suspend the Spring season.
  • The Autumn season was cancelled.
  • We organize challenges and webinars.

We are celebrating 15th anniversary and launching new visual identity

Our values

  • Joy


    The purpose of our life is to enjoy it and find joy. Be it at work, during sports activities or in private. Joy that I experience is multiplied when shared with others.

  • Health


    In order to stay healthy for as long as possible, it is necessary to listen to your body and learn to understand it. Many ills are caused by stress. That’s why it is good to find some counterpoint in the form of sports or meditaion.

  • Freedom at work

    Freedom at work

    How do we find that we are doing the right job? It’s simple. It is enjoyable and has a certain positive impact on the world. It is a state, when we work as we do, because it is what we want to do.

  • Ecology


    There are many ways to interact with our environment. We strive to minimize any negative impact we may have on it. If we all come a little closer to this approach, we could do immense change together.

  • Charity


    Charity has many forms. Our motto is: "If We'are doing well, it’s good to help those, who aren't so well off themselves."

  • Education with respect

    Education with respect

    We view a child as a person with its own free will, which is no less important than that of its parents. How we will bring up our children defines our future.


What do you pay 180 CZK a month for?

We are not a typical league, we are a community with its own life and excellent service. The fee for a league round (month) is 180 CZK for singles and 270 CZK for doubles.

A hundred and eighty crowns, that's a small lunch in a restaurant, 3 draft beers or cinema ticket with a student discount. Or a month full of sports experience with VAŠE LIGA.

In addition, we guarantee that if you do not experience an even game in the league and turn to us with a reasoned claim, we will refund you the entire fee.

Tereza Navrátilová Front line listener in Praha and Brno

We offer even more

  1. Court discounts up to 50% in more than 80 sports centers throughout the Czech Republic - the starting fee will pay back during the season.
  2. 24/7 care of 4 organizers who do their best to make sure you get new even opponents every month.
  3. Comfortable input of results from PC or mobile.
  4. Unique system for easily contacting opponents and arranging matches.
  5. You start playing right from the start at your game level - no special fees
  6. Better prices for training lessons with Coaches. You can find them in the league section.
  7. Interesting prizes that everyone can win - not just the best players. At the end of the year, we do year-round players lottery.
  8. Get to know new cool people on the same wave, friends, and sometimes life partners - it's priceless.

Why not play elsewhere?

  • We will refund the starting fee
    If you are dissatisfied, we will refund your starting fee
  • Regular sports
    A smart system that will move you
  • Agreements system
    Match arrangement system that works
  • Parties, events and prizes
    Events and prizes you'll enjoy
  • 80 sportcenters
    80 sportcenter with up to 50% off

As you know, there are other leagues. Most local leagues are played in one sports center. These leagues are mostly cheaper than ours. But we will convince you that we are providing much more .

Payment methods

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