Partnership options

What we offer

  • Long-term partnership, particularly for recruitment or marketing,
  • combination of on-line and live promotion tools.
  • flexibility and speed – we are open to any other cooperation,
  • original events and creative promotion,
  • organization of a special league or tournament for your company, employees or partners.

Contact person

Šárka Reinbergrová

Šárka Reinbergrová

+420 737 283 338 Write an email

We would love to hear from you and together we can create an interesting partnership. If you’re interested, we could send you our Partnership Proposal without delay.

Our current partners

  • Alien Pros
  • Emco
  • Garko
  • Chia Shake
  • Get Out Fun
  • Infinit
  • Joy Sports
  • Lifefood
  • Nutspread
  • Moucha
  • Purkmistr
  • Psaní hravě
  • Raket sport
  • Radava
  • Sportega
  • Boxxi
  • Equa
  • Roundnet
  • Mix Slim
  • PrPom
  • Jerkys

Our current partners (running only)

  • MLG
  • SLS3
  • T4R
  • TSC
  • bezdopadu

We support

  • Burn Fighters
  • Černí koně
  • NJU
  • Společně k úsměvu

Payment methods

Platební metody

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