League organizers

Tereza Navrátilová

Tereza Navrátilová Front line listener in Praha and Brno

Petr Lundak

Petr Lundák Satisfaction guard in Plzeň, Olomouc, Pardubice, Mladá Boleslav and Running boss

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Tomáš Reinbergr

Tomáš Reinbergr Founder of this circus

Šárka Reinbergrová

Šárka Reinbergrová Cheerleader and contact for partners

VAŠE LIGA, z.s.   Pískařská 2075/1, Praha 4, 143 00

IČ: 26581353 Account No: 2100034821/2010 (FIO) We are not VAT payers

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Platební metody

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