How does it work?

VAŠE LIGA offers various sports, where you can take part in:

  • regular leagues
  • separate events

1. Regular leagues

  • Characteristics
    • 1 season = 4 rounds (4 months).
    • Fee 555 Kč per season (player or team)
    • You can join the league either at the start of a new season – or at the beginning of each of its months.
    • 4 matches per month, you can choose place and time.
    • Some leagues are individual and some are created for teams.
    • All performance levels – from beginners to pro players.
    • If you are an advanced player, you can use Divoká karta (Wild Card) to start in higher leagues.
    • Convenient online results input and easy negotiation of match date and place.
    • Profile with personal statistics and charts.
  • Benefits
    • Meet new playmates, discover new play styles.
    • Improve your play and advance higher.
    • Remarkable court price reductions.
    • Trainer price reductions.
    • Prize-giving ceremony at the end of each season.
  • How to apply to join?

In case of any question contact Správce ligy (league supervisor) in your town

2. Seperate events

  • Characteristics
    • Tournaments, workshops, sport trips, cultural events and parties.
    • Fee is usually 200 – 250 Kč (tournaments)
    • Open events for all applicants (not only league players and students).
  • Benefits
    • Friendly atmosphere.
    • Everybody plays guaranteed number of matches.
    • Reports, results, videos, photos and interviews from events.
    • Prize-giving ceremony at every event.
  • How to apply to join an event?

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